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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  September 10, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. new, an art exhibit proves to popular and spills beyond it's intended canvas leaving buildings tagged with grafitti. good evening. >> an underground art show draws thousands of guests, more than organizers anticipated and not neighborhood is feeling the negative effects. the damage and what is being done to keep people happy. >> reporter: this may not qualify as art to people who have tired of seeing grafitti on city streets. after a weekend grafitti show
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in berkeley there is a lot more of this scattered on buildings all effort neighborhood. this is some of the urban art work at a show inside this factory. for years people have been breaking in to the building. the new owners decided to extend a branch if to the community before the building is reason evacuated. >> we decided to contact some of the local artists and say if you are -- if you are interested you can do one last show. >> reporter: this video shows preparation for the event. instead of 200 or so, several thousand showed up saturday night with many unable to enter before the exhibit closed. >> those people are the ones that were upset about the fact that they had been waiting in line for a long time and couldn't go in. >> reporter: that anger spilled into the neighborhood with more than a dozen nearby businesses
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tagged. >> this is a up and coming area where residents and also for small businesses. it was really sad to see so much damage. >> reporter: this man was at now defends urban art but not the taggers. >> the murals and the art take talent and most of the tagging is scribbling. >> reporter: the art show was a success. he hopes a few bad apples don't spoil the experience. >> there were 3,000 people here and probably three of them were the ones that did the damage. >> reporter: the warehouse owner said he has can contacted neighbors and is offering to pay to have all the grafitti removed. >> and on the website we have more video of the grafitti. look for the video player on the front page.
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>> preparations are underway tonight for the funeral of a california highway patrol officer. it'll happen at ten this thursday. it'll be held at mission church in vacaville and the funeral is not open to the public. a driver who had been pulled over during a traffic stop on interstate 680 shot and killed the officer. he leaves a wife and four children. a flag draped casket was escorted to the north bay today. video shows motorcycles and cruisers traveling with the body from martinez. once there fellow officers stood in formation as it was carried inside. >> now to where the interim fire chief in gilroy resigned after being sited in a decoy operation for buying alcohol for a minor. matt keller is live where officials are saying that the chief resigned but not
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everybody agrees. >> reporter: the firefighters here at the headquarters have a new boss tonight after their interim chief was busted over the week for buying alcohol for a minor. the normal city council meted started differently tonight. this video shows roger bloom with the palo alto fire department. he retired earlier this year before taking over as the interim fire chief in mid- august. over the weekend he was given a citation by deputies during a sting operation for buying alcohol for a minor. this morning he resigned. >> he was concerned about this being a focus of any short tenure that he would have here as the interim chief and didn't want to put in danger the reputation of the fire department in that way.
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>> i thought it was stupid of him. i can't believe he did that. >> reporter: city councilmember was blunt. >> was it is right decision to resign? >> heck yes. >> reporter: residents were concerned about his actions but not sure he deserved to loose his job. >> in that position you probably should know better than doing that and that shows very bad judgement. >> unless there is more to it so to speak. i think he should have kept his job. >> reporter: police chief has been appoint the interim fire chief. administrators are looking at other candidates and plan to hire a permanent chief by january. reporting live in gilroy. matt keller. >> and in just three minutes the suspended sheriff, his plea for support as his lawyers ask for a delay in the case that's
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already dragged on for months. >> turning now to the race for the white house. a new poll shows the president received a bigger bounce from the democratic convention than romney received from the republican convention. a cnn poll of likely voters show the president with a 52- 46% advantage. that is a 4% bounce for the president. romney saw a 1% bounce when they were both tied at 48% in that same poll. >> hp revealed today plans to cut two thirds more jobs than first announced. they said in a filing it'll cuts 29,000 jobs by october 2014. that's more than the 27,000 announce in may. there is no explanation for the increase. hp said in may it expects some of them to come through in early are tirement. on wall streets stocks slipped ahead of a key meeting this week. the dow dropped 52, led by
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atropa in apple. weaker than expected manufacturing data from china pushed today's slide. in 30 minutes tens of thousands of schoolteachers walk off the job. why it's getting so much attention on the presidential campaign trail. >> bay area air quality managers are now admitting mistakes were made in warning the public about chevron fire. they held a meeting today to talk about that fire that broke out on august 6th in richmond. they say they were working on an exbanded system of air monitoring and new rules on what pollution information oil refineries must report to the public. >> community and the air district want to see more air monitoring so the public can understand what is in the air we breathe. >> we may get what we should have had because of a major problem at chevron. it shouldn't be that way. >> reporter: the district said
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the smoke went straight up and monitors failed to detect a big jump in pollution. 15,000 people shot treatment. >> friends and family mourning the loss of a young woman struck and killed in a hit and run in arizona over the weekend. the 21-year-old was killed in flagstaff. she was riding her bike. the driver fled the scene. police later arrested a woman who they say was the driver. she graduate from presentation high school in san jose. she was a senior at northern arizona university. students in lafayette are remembering 20-year-old brett olson. someone wrote his name on a hillside. he graduated from there and was a student at cal poly. his body was found sunday in the upper sacramento river where he had gone tubing with friends over the labor day weekend. hundreds of people are expected
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to attend a vigil at the high school starts tomorrow night. a facebook page for the vigil ask that people bring their own candle. >> the clock is taking toward a final decision on the fate of the suspended san francisco sheriff. he spoke out late today urging people to support his reinstatement. >> reporter: about 3 dozen showed up today to hear the suspended sheriff give his perspective on the case that has his career on the line. he said the mayor is wrong. >> people don't want me as sheriff then don't reelect me. if people want to muster that with all on a recall then that is consistent with also a democratic process. i get that. >> reporter: the mayor suspended him on march 21st after the sheriff pleaded
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guilty to misdemeanor false imprisonment. today his wife repeated that the physical incident was a first and was not domestic violence to her. this is the first time that happened. this doesn't race in the domestic violence. >> reporter: today he said the investigation has been difficult for the family. . last friday said this was all about politics. >> this is political. they have no reason to not want to move this volt until after the november elections and make it unhonest playing field. >> reporter: many today said they support him and he asked them to help him in his fight for a job. the decision on whether to reinstate him is up to the board of supervisors. in san francisco, ktvu channel 2news. >> and more details on the decision. the ethics commission meets tomorrow to finalize its
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report. the commission previously voted 4-1 to recommend permanently removing him. the board of supervisors is expected to receive the commission's report a week from tomorrow on tuesday september 18th. the supervisors would then have 30 days until october 16th to vote on his fate. nine of the 11 members of the board of supervisors need to vote for removal for it to be permanent. today however his attorneys asked the commission to postpone delivering the transcripts to the supervisors until after the november election. five supervisors are up for re- election and some are doing phone polls asking if the vote may sway the november vote. >> frustrations boils over. what city leaders said they couldn't do for the crowd that sparked outrage. >> and a mother visiting her son in the bay area when she is
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struck and killed by this red truck. the troubling details we have found about the driver's
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. big game and big changes in security at tonight's raiders home opener. we are live at the coliseum with a fired up raider nation. >> reporter: well, more fired up on their way in than they
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are now. trickling out. disappointed and winner are or loose the new security measure were given to every fan. this is the raider nation. as their team took the field, happy. >> we got new coaches, new staff, we are planning on just dominating football. >> reporter: and this is the raider nation, before kickoff fans already under arrest for fights or being drunk,. >> if someone is drunk they shouldn't come in. that is our stance. >> reporter: the nfl security chief said the raiders and the league are monitoring parking lots and tailgaters more closely than ever. >> the true fans are great fans. they want to be here, they want to be here for the game. they conduct themselves in the right way. . >> reporter: and the woman greeting the charger fans, the raiders executive, surprising them a welcome and a picture. >> i have -- the respect fort
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raiders and the organization but tonight is charger blue going to come through. >> reporter: wearing charger blue was enough to get many booed to their seats and in some cases warrant an escort. the raiders have a number to text to bring security to any section. this season for the first time every person at every gate will pass through metal detectors even if it makes for slow moving lines. >> i don't mind it's a time to go through. i appreciate owl the -- everything is safe. >> i say bring your kids to the game if you can afford it. no harm. >> reporter: pure excitement at the start of the game but for some a miserable end and we don't mean the score. a few dozen did wind up in police custody, the center behind us. you can see the patrol cars and the bus from the sheriff's department. they expect they will be making more arrests as soon as the game ends. we are live in oakland.
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>> among the fans at tonight's game was the oakland mayor. the mayor was there as part of her oakland loves our sports team effort. the mayor is hoping to create a grass roots effort to help convince all three of the proteams to stay in oakland. both the raiders and a's are looking for new stadiums and the warriors want to move to san francisco. the mayor said oakland has the best fans in the world. >> we wanted to show that the east bay has the excitement for football stadium. >> the city estimates that the raiders, a's and warriors bring in $200 million a year to the local economy. as for tonight's game, mark will have highlights later in sports. >> police say they are work around the clock to find the man who shot and killed a clerk at a 7-11 over the weekend. it happened about 2:00 a.m. saturday morning at a 7-11.
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today people brought flowers to a makeshift memorial for the victim. >> the guy just -- he is elderly. i just don't understand why somebody had to take his life. >> late today police identified the victim as a 67- year-old. they say it's the city's first homicide of the year and that several detectives working on other assignments dropped what they were doing to focus on this case. >> tonight we have learned that the driver who slammed into and killed a woman standing on a sidewalk in balance net creek has been arrested for dui and has had his license suspended twice in the past. whether the driver was under the influence this past weekend is part of an investigation that is still in its early stages. >> reporter: he was the man behind the wheel of this red truck. on saturday night he hit two women, standing on the sidewalk at main and park side.
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killing one of them and critically injuring the other. >> based on the witness statements the vehicle was driving on the sidewalk before the collision, which means the elements of manslaughter. >> reporter: sherri hicks died instantly. she was spending time with her san and daughter-in-law, newly weds. tonight the daughter-in-law is in critical condition. >> it's horrible. any time out and somebody's life is lost. >> reporter: the dmv said this wasn't the first time he has proved to be dangerous on the road. after a dui arrest in 2005 his license was suspended after he failed to complete list dui program on time it was suspended a second time. he regained his privileges in 2009 and with in two years was the cause of a multicar accident in los angeles. we spoke on the phone with
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casey, he is grieving his mother's death and waiting word on his wife's condition. we wanted to hear what he felt and he said this is a family tragedy and he wants to keep this a private matter. in walnut creek. patty lee. improving weather conditions are helping in a fire in lake county. a red flag warning for the area crass lifted after winds gusted up to 40 miles an hour. cal fire also lifted an evacuation warning for parts of scott's valley road. officials say its burned more than 4600 acres since it started last friday. right now the fire is only about 15% contained. back in the bay area it took about two and a half hours today to contain a brush fire. that fire started about 3:30 this afternoon near valley view drive. it burned about two acres and was contained by six. cal fire assisted local forts
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with air and ground support. >> your temperatures warmed significantly. got up to 90 fairfield. it was a warm day, especially inland. coast side the sun came out. the fog cleared it's real dense at the coast. it'll come back in tonight but hug the coast pretty typing. that means low visibility along the coast. computer model for tomorrow morning by 7:00 a.m., 8 you have the fog right here. it's a little more shooting across to san bruno. i don't know if that will happen but we will see more fog along the coast. low visibility. temperatures tomorrow, really just like today. maybe a degree or two warmer. i will be back at 10:45 and we will go to the forecast, to your neighbor hoot and the five- day forecast with the weekend in view. >> there is something retinene southern california. in fact the smell was so bad that students at a school were kept indoor. some complained of stomach aches as well.
11:51 pm
it appears to be the saltin sea which is 150 miles east of los angeles. they said that thousands of fish died there last week as they do every year and a pearce wind storm last night likely stirred up the smell. >> the bay area's first human case of west nile. plus. >> san francisco firefighters reflect on 9/11. >> and a
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. two towering beams 6 right are shining offer lower manhattan. they mark the spot where the world trade center once stood until the september 11th attacks. the sky scraper that is being built to replace the world trade center is moving closer
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to being done. one world trade center is better known as freedom tower in honor of the nearly 3,000 people who died at ground zero. the new building is expected to open in early 2014. >> i think this site strikes the appropriate balance between commerce and a fighting tribute their sacrifice. >> late today an agree helicopter was reached to complete the museum. construction work at the underground site stopped a year ago because of a fight over funding. the deal ensures no additional public money will be used but where it'll come from still hasn't been finalized. >> a total of 343 new york firefighters and paramedics died at ground zero on september 11th and many bay area firefighters flew to new york after to help. david stevenson talked to one who is still shaken by a piece of paper he found in the rubble. >> one of the nation
11:55 pm
abusioniest fire stations but when the terrorist attacks brought down the center the fire station number one lent support. >> everybody was just, couldn't put -- our minds around it. >> you are file that you need to go do something, that they needed help. it was a big, major event that was going to take it out of them. >> reporter: tomorrow is john's 18th year with the department. he is one of about a dozen san francisco firefighters seen here standing near the world trade center rubble just a few days arrest attack. >> i remember if you came across a phone or a computer keyboard it was strange because every was strange and it was weird to see something intact. >> reporter: tens of millions of dollars came in grants to san francisco's fire department. money that has paid for search and rescue training equipment, protective gear for bio weapons attacks and a third fire boat
11:56 pm
for the city. still 11 years later the firefighters are shaken by what they saw and found in new york city. >> it was somebody's list of how they wanted to be a better person, to be a better father and brother and that really shook us up. >> reporter: the fire stations tomorrow morning will remember the anniversary with the ringing of bells and the reading of the names of the new york firefighters killed. in san francisco. david stevenson. >> authorities in solano are reporting a human case of west nile. health officials say a man in his 50s is being treated at a local hospital. it's their first human case of the mosquito born virus since 2008. statewide the number of human cases has gone to 75 and four people have died. at this time last year there were only 33 human cases. >> not only does it protect your child but you are making
11:57 pm
decisions for other children. >> opting out of vaccines. the trend in a particular group of children. >> more than 40 people have signed up to speak at a meet [ female announcer ] this is the story of eves.
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. new, an explosive meeting tonight about public safety was canceled as tensions boiled over because of all the police shootings in that city. heather holmes was at that meeting is here now to tell us what has happened. >> reporter: from the moment you walked into city hall you could feel the tension and it only got more intense prompting the members of the advisory to end the meeting after only an hour. >> i move to adjourn.
12:00 am
>> reporter: what was designed to be a meeting about improving public safety turned into chaos. >> why did you decide to cancel? >> because this committee mass no jurisdiction over what they are talking abou whale are you going to do about your officers that are killing our kids in. >> reporter: that's what most in the 200 plus crowd came to speak about. the five fatal officer involved shootings since may including the september 2nd death of mario romero. police say they shot him after he reached in to his waistband. family members criticized it. >> they had taken -- listen -- no witness statements. >> reporter: the chief was here not to address the shooting but to talk about the possibility of creating a citizen's review board. it'll be tasked at looking into police violence and identitying
12:01 am
possible abuses, something similar to what exists in other bay area cities including nevado. >> any way we can talk and share information like this and sometimes -- listen to concerns. >> reporter: the chief support did little to satisfy the angry audience. after a series of outbursts the meeting ended, the chief left and many of the residents plan to be back here tomorrow for the city council meeting. reporting live. >> new developments tonight on the murder of a young rapper in pittsburgh. the 18-year-old was shot and killed as he was about to make a rap video. police said they arrested three suspect. two were taken into custody over the weekend and a third was arrested today. the father of accused of
12:02 am
kidnapping his two children and stealing a boat appeared in a courthouse today. the 43 -year-old said he took his children to protect them from abuse. we spoke to the children's mother. she denied the charges of abuse. authorities say he gave up and the children were rescued friday night. he didn't give a plea. >> formerral media supervisor was allowed the right to visit with her young son as she faces charges of drug possession and child abuse. a judge in orange county ruled that she can visit with her 9- year-old son if her husband is present. she will be allowed to speak with him on the phone as well. she was arrested last month after police say they found meth in the room where she and her son was were staying. after the court appearance she spoke to reporters. >> i'm extremely happy to be
12:03 am
receiving the help i need and focusing on getting healthy. >> reporter: she is in the middle of a divorce with her husband. >> a new study shows a rising number of private school children are not getting vaccines. we take you to one marin county school where nearly 80% are opting out. >> at greenwood school in mill valley 79% of student families have opted out of the vaccine schedule, the director said the school has no place in what is essentially a private family decision. she says the school is safe. >> there are protocols in place for anyone who gets ill. >> reporter: a new study from the associated press shows opt out rates for private schools are climbing, up 10% over last year. she said opting out doesn't mean not getting the vaccines, it can mean opting out of one or a few of them or even doing
12:04 am
them over a longer period of time. something molana has done. >> i never planned on not doing it at all. i believe in them. i just don't believe in doing it so early or all at once. >> reporter: a doctor said the last major mea asles outbreak was in a private school. >> . >> read up on it and thought it was the healthiest thing to do. i know there is a lot of people that would beg to differ. >> reporter: state lawmakers have passed a bill to talk to a doctor or nurse before opting out. the governor has until the end of the month to sign it or veto it. in mill valley. >> >> the aclu is taking on the
12:05 am
city of berkeley over a measure on the november ballot that would ban sitting on the sidewalk. that happened at a city council meeting in july. the measure would restrict sitting on certain streets. the aclu said that the council violated the brown act that guarantees the public's right to participation in a meeting. it claims the council discussed it outside chambers during a break and then voted on it. >> the obama administration said that it'll spend $55 million on a new campaign to prevent suicides. the focus will be on military veterans. the veteran affairs department said there are about 48 attempts a day by veterans. social media is also being used to help young people. facebook has a feature linking disstressed users to counselors. many websites served by go weren't getting anywhere today. an outage affected thousands and possibly millions of websites for about four hours.
12:06 am
there was at least one claim of responsibility by someone linked to a hacker group but that wasn't confirmed. go daddy serves mostly small businesses. and reminder that the new ktvu i-pad app is the app store. you with watch all the newscast lives. >> extra police patrols when children walk to and from school. the incident in one east bay city that is prompting these precautions. >> i'm back here in just a couple. we are looking at fog right now that's tracking along
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. thousands of public schoolteachers in chicago cut class today to walk a picket line. the strike started after the teachers union and the city failed to reach a contract agreement. it's the first teacher strike in 25 years and affects 400,000 students. union officials said the two sides are fairly close on a salary increase. the main sticking point is a new teacher evaluation system based on student scores. the mayor said that he doesn't give two hoots about what national politicians say about the strike. his old boss the president made his views known through a spokesman. >> his principal concern is for the students and families who are affected by the situation. we hope that both sides are able to come together to settle this quickly and in the best interest of chicago's students. >> romney issued a statement accuses teachers of turning their backs on children and the
12:10 am
city of chicago. >> police say they are beefing up patrols after a 15-year-old girl reported that a man grabbed her and tried to pull her into his car. police say it happened last thursday about 7:45 in the evening. the name of the street where it happened was not given. police say that the girl was able to fend off the man and escape unhurt but as a result of this police say they are adding patrols during the hours when children walk to and from school. in oakland police say a 17- year-old robbery suspect is recovering from two gun shot wounds tonight after he tried to rob the wrong person. happened about two this morning on lee street. officers say the would be thief approached a man and his girlfriend moments after the couple parked their car. turns out the man was an you've duty sheriff's deputy. the suspect demanded money at gun point and that's when the deputy shot him. the teen is reported to be in stable condition.
12:11 am
officers say that his gun turned out to be a replica. investigators also said that the suspect was involved in at least two other robberies in that area shortly before the shooting. >> in news the world tonight in afghanistan the united states handed control of the main american run prison to afghanistan authorities. the prison holds 3,000. the two sides still haven't eached agreement on hundreds of terror suspects being held there. the united states fears afghanistan will release them. ? in cuba the government blamed the failure of a main transmission line for a blackout that cut power to half the island. why it failed hasn't been explained. cubans are used to occasional outages but this happened near sweltering heat. in britain thousands cheered the athletes at a huge parade. it was a part which that
12:12 am
celebrated the 700 as well as london's success. there have been predictions both teams would be disorganized and be flops. in the end they were anything but. >> a restaurant that just opened in brentwood can count on having regulars. dozens of people camped out on lone tree way hours before buffalo wild wings opened today. the reason, the first 100 people in line got free wings for a year. the bar and grill has four other locations in dublin, sanious, fairfield and vacaville. >> the landmark now on sale for $85 million. plus built strong the engineering feat underway to make suit new bay bridge span make suit new bay bridge span is a i thought of something else we need fwhat's that? it's a 200 watts per channel dynamically balanced surround sound wireless baby monitor... with a sub wolfer. good idea you should also probably have this fuschia leather diaper clutch.
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. caltrans said what crews doing now will make the new eastern spank the bay bridge very strong. strong enough in fact to with stand a major quake. tom shows you what happened today that is key to the safety of the new bridge. >> reporter: today workers pulled bundles of high strength american made steel cable through 1200-foot long conduits. that will keep the deck from slowly sagging as decades pass. >> gives you a longer life and nights against that deforming. >> reporter: to make that happen a huge winch will stretch the cables with 1.2 million pounds of force. then concrete will keep the steel from retracting. depending on the location there are between 17 and 27,000 cables in each of these groups but there are more than a hundred cable groups running
12:16 am
through the bridge. making one of the strongest in the world. this is the driver's view heading out of the two duck tunnel. this will be the view heading west into the tunnel. >> the foundation for this part of the bridge is separate, upper and lower deckn. a large scale quake they can move independent of each other. >> reporter: all of this to resist a quake expected only once every 1500 years. >> it's over what is required for a typical bridge and many places on the bridge we have something like triple the repetition factors. . >> reporter: with the anniversary tomorrow caltrans points out that the new span has features to prevent collapse from the largest credible truck bomb. >> update on the coast guard rescue we told you about yesterday this is video of that rescue that saved the life of a father and his son.
12:17 am
they said the 7-year-old and his son were flying santa barbara when their plane went down in morro bay. the coast guard credits a gps locater beacan with helping them find it. >> new images of the up and coming apple campus show the large new building. it'll be almost a mile. today apple blogged nine to five -- posted leaked photographs. the late steve jobs over saw the design and presented the project to the city council in june of last year as his last public appearance. apple hopes to break ground later this year. a property for sale onto peninsula is turning heads. the flood estate is now for sale for the first time in its history. the flood family bought it in 1941 and kept it every since. over the years they built a 9,000 square foot home, gatehouse and a care taker's house along with a pool, tennis court and barn.
12:18 am
the asking price, $85 million. >> the fog on the coast is gone right now. the fog around ocean beach has gonna way. we will see it push back in tonight. i don't see a big inland extent like this that will allow for another very warm day. before that happens, the overnight low will be cool again tonight. when you got up to go to school or to work you notice it. overnight lows especially in the north bay, that's jacket worthy. 44 santa rosa. 46napa. even the 50 in vallejo. the cool temperatures or low temperatures, not freezing but days getting long -- shorter, nights getting longer. morning hours it'll be chilly. tomorrow temperatures lot like they whether today. little warm inland. as we go through time the forecast wants to warm up.
12:19 am
the high pressure is the reason. that's why the fog is a way from the coast. it'll come back. you probably saw today at the bridge the towers about 7:30 and saw the fog going -- you could see the towers, just the tips, that's shallow. you are under one thousand feet. that's what we are looking at tomorrow. forecast for fog in the morning significant fog foot print. i'm not sure it'll happen. it's a lot of fog. this is the model version at 7:00 a.m. i think we will see mostly fog along the coast. either way, fog along the coast. visible low on highway 1. temperatures tomorrow warm up. 90s are there but most of us in the 80s. low 90's up toward livermore. southern santa clara. most of us mid-70s and 80s. the forecast through the bay area micro climate. upper poo's. as you get toward the berkeley, oakland area the upper 60's and low 70s. not horriblely hot or chilly.
12:20 am
the warmest spots, you will find the low 90's in clear lake, temperatures tomorrow a lot like they were today. there is the brentwood, livermore 90. 87 danville and forecast high in santa clara valley. 82 in san jose and 60 pacifica. patchy fog along the coast. if your weekend in view. kind of one of those weeks where we won't stress to much about red flag warnings. air quality good. mild around the bay and about as good as it gets weather wise. >> looks fantastic. >> thank you bill. >> just released study shows the latest tax on cigarettes resulted in a big drop in smoking. it went into effect in 2009 raising the federal tax on cigarettes from 39-cents to a dollar and one cent per pack. a report by usa today showed that between 2009 and 2011
12:21 am
ability three million fewer smoked. the tax also raised about $30 million earmarked for childhood health care. a new study links early marijuana use to cancer. researchers found that the incidents of the cancer was twice as high among men who said they smoked marijuana as teens. doctors say it may interfere with the development of hormones that prevent it. >> mark is coming up next with what highlights you can find from the raiders game and what oakland a's pitcher is able to do after under
12:22 am
12:23 am
12:24 am
. brandon mcarthy making progress after he was hit in the received the head by a line drive. he is out of intensive care and today he walked down a hallway. >> mark is here now. i don't know where do you begin with the raiders? >> they have the youngest head
12:25 am
coach in the league. dennis allen. he will age quickly. if there is more like that. the story line old, the season new. mistakes, ridiculous penalties, raiders doused on opening night. you feel for the fans. again, they show up big, all dressed up, and nothing to see on the field. san diego, 15 of the last 18 meetings, phillip rivers, little lob to floyd. good for six yard touchdown. to finish off the 90-yard drive fueled by a couple of tommy kelley penalties, raiders john condo hurt early. the long snapper, that's the disaster. his replacement. travis, one bad snap after another. this leads to a second shane leckler blocked punt. turned into a field goal and five as a matter of fact for the chargers. they score late. palmer, the two point
12:26 am
conversion, they can't convert on the on side kick. 21-14. what a great night for coach harbaugh. his ravens, just as impressive as his younger brother's team. ed reed returning for a touchdown, pick six, 34 yards, ravens over the bengals. dalton, most yards, by a defensive back in return. 123450 reliable at all in their pitching rotation. the best rockies. alex white. the other pitcher. 125.
12:27 am
. evening shot -- knocked in a run. they leave runners at second and third with only one out. in order for the a's against the angels. they were only to happy to obli ge. it starts in the first pitch of the game. crisp off former a dan haren. he gets the triple. scores on the grounder. important to get out to the early lead in the 5th. moss, over yonder. 17th home run. cliff also homered, 3-1 final. they take it, murray.
12:28 am
united states open champ. >> thank you for trusting ktvu [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home
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